Piano Tuning, Repair & Sales

Piano Tuning

Whether it's a concert grand, a family heirloom or a hard-worked practice instrument regular maintenance is a key factor in sustaining a piano's performance and value. Not only are de-tuned pianos less pleasurable to play but those left de-tuned for long periods will require more time and greater expense to bring back to correct pitch.

I offer a wide range of services to help individuals and institutions maintain instruments that are pleasurable to use and affordable to maintain:

  • Fine tuning - Done every three to six months in order to maintain the piano's pitch
  • Concert tuning - Done prior to a performance to ensure that perfect pitch
  • Pitch raise - If a piano has become significantly out of tune, two tunings are required to bring it back to pitch: a first "rough" tuning and a second "fine" tuning
  • Note: volume discounting is available to institutional clients

    However, more serious repairs are often required in the life a piano, and many owners find it necessary to reclaim pianos lost to neglect or misuse. In these cases, I am able to offer extensive repair and maintenance services.

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